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Welcome, thank you for visiting our website!  Our mission is to share something with you that will impact your lifestyle of worship, increase  your ability to hear the voice of the Lord and help you to draw closer to Jesus Christ. We pray that you are blessed and changed in His presence.  


You will find recommendations for new and current worship CD's that will help you enter into the presence of the Lord during your personal devotional time. Blogs, teaching, books and links to other ministries that will help you grow in the things of the Kingdom.  


We provide teaching on worship, dance, leadership training and prophetic training & ministry. We also minister to leaders in the local church and to those who actually minister in the area of worship and the arts thru conferences or workshops that are focused on training and prophetic ministry that will bring restoration and refreshing.


We were created to worship Him (God), may you always live in His presence...






Minister Andrea Mitchell,

Vice President of Wisdom Ministries

Dance Director - Worship Dance CO

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Deborah Simmons - Founder and President

Director of G.R.A.C.E. Youth Dance Company

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New Book Release

My heart is overflowing with joy, Tues., June 3rd was an amazing day of fulfillment in my life. The Lord spoke to my heart in 1990 and gave me titles for books and said "you will write books to encourage my people". I struggled, started and stopped with that all these years, my post earlier this morning really spoke my heart. "Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you could not do" (Unknown)


Rejoice with me, for my first book "Wisdom Moments" . Order your copy today, it's available now on Click on the Buy Now  button below and purchase on Paypal   Price includes shipping

Bless you, Prophetess Helen


Hope you're excited about the New Year 2020 and a new Decade! There are so many amazing things in the Father's heart for us.

                    Word of the Lord - 2020


This New Year is a time of clarity and new vision for those things I have called and assigned to your lives. There will be a fine tuning, like a tuning fork and a preciseness released for my purpose and assignments. Yes, 2020 will deal with your sight, a renewing of the mind and revealing of my truth for my people. For many it will be a time for an eye exam, both naturally and spiritually, for some have had trouble with focus, your vision has been cloudy and blurry. New sight is being released and you will see and say, “I can see clearly now” No more cataracts, no more poor vision, but clarity and precisely you with see things and situations through my eyes. New sight which will bring insight and new sight which will bring clarity for the fulfillment of the heavenly vision for your life, purpose and assignment, says the Lord.


True Worshipers live a lifestyle of obedience, release the worshiper in you!


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