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Monthly Articles - Minister Andrea Mitchell


I was downloading some new music to my I-Pod, when this song came on talking about releasing the sound of deliverance. Immediately, I began to see movement to interpret the message that was being sung, spreading forth God’s yoke-destroying, burden-removing power. It was the type of song that I could not just listen to; I envisioned it. Has that ever happened to you? There are some songs that demands that a dance go with it in order for it to be complete. Then, after a dance has been choreographed, every time you hear the song, you can’t help but picture the dance. The song becomes a living, moving message.


I believe in these last days, we are going to see an increase of the working together of the prophetic song and the prophetic dance. No longer will there be separate prophetic workshops for dancers and singers, but both will work together to proclaim what God is saying in the now. Dancers will be stretched to portray movement that has not been seen before, because the singers and musicians will begin to sing and play notes that have not been heard before, and vice versa. Everyone will tap into the prophetic anointing to create an atmosphere that is an exact copy of heaven here on the earth. God’s very voice will begin to speak through the song and through the dance, like the sound of many waters (Ezekiel 43:2).


This, of course, takes complete dependence on the Holy Spirit to take you places that you may not have been to before. You must also trust that you do hear God’s voice clearly and distinctly. By practicing the presence of God, you can stir up the gift of the prophetic in your dance and go to a whole new level in your choreography. If you have a love for God and for dance, you’ll stop what you’re doing to move and express your love for Him when you hear that song that demands that dance to complete it – just like I just did!

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